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St Donatos



The castle of St. Donatos stands in front of Korila Mountain, in the city of Paramythia. It took its name after the Protector of city. It was built in 3 phases, beginning in the ancient ages till the Turkish domination. The 1st phase begins during the Greek ages, the 2nd during Byzantine ages and the 3rd during Turkish domination.

The Byzantine castle was mentioned by historic of the Middle Age, by Prokopios (6th century), and also during the Tokkoi ages (beginning 15th century). The 6th century Ioustinianos (which from starts the Greek age of Byzantine state) built the castle (and some other buildings and temples) for the safety of population. There were some invasions by Goths and Vandals, while in 551 there was a tremendous earthquake and the King of Italy, Totilas, invaded all Thesprotian beaches. The construction was made over the ancient Greek wall, and the castle took the name of regionís Protector.

The castle has a large external wall, and over the wall there are Byzantine walls (2m height). Within the castle there are the public buildings and the main market. During the 5th century, the city reached a great development, with the castle representing a very important part of it. The castle is not far from Fotiki

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