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St Donatos


At Chrysavgi there is the 2nd castle of Paramythia, the castle of ancient Elea. Today, its walls are in good conditions, showing its great history. Was the most important community in Eleatida, the region between Nekromanteio and Paramythia, where the nation of Thesprotian Eleates was living. Established in 350 BC, was the capital of Thesprotia. During the 4th century BC there were established the first communities reaching the side of a real city.


The bronze coins made by Eleates are dated around 350 BC. With Elea as center, the Thesprotian nation had the rich valleys of Acheron and Kokytos till the Nekromanteio and the Ammoudia Bay.

The Elea was meant as the community eastern the village Chrysavgi, 5km SE from Paramythia. It was the first Thesprotian capital. Its walls in NE and E side of ancient community are today kept in very good condition, with thickness 3,5m and remaining height 7m. The walls and the gate are built as memorials. Inside there are the ruins of houses, public buildings, market and theatre. Within the area was found coins and inscriptions dated from 4th century BC. The community’s area is about 105.000m2, on the top of a little mountain in front of Korila, at 460-525m.

The population within the walls is about 3.000 (as during the Greek ages, the community had population also outside the walls). The walls and the gate in NE/E side are built in memorial style. The wall thickness reaches 4,5m and its height 6m. The community is crossed from NE to SW by a road, which probably was ending to the 2 main gates, the eastern and the southwestern.

Within the remaining walls are the noble houses, the music school and other public, instructive services. At the left and right sides there are groups of buildings. To the south side of central road there is a large area surrounded by tunnels, the theatre and some other buildings, used as politic market. In the theatre there are some sculptures and remaining walls around the stage. The large diameter of the theatre was about 45-50m, the height 8-9m, and could receive 3-4.000 spectators.

The archaeological research in Elea, started in 1985, revealed a tunnel, western to the theatre, some depositing rooms, a small temple and a public building. The archaeological studies continue


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