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St Donatos


The Watch  


The Watch is dated from 1750 – work of OPUS CREDUM DE POLIZ. Instead of the metallic spring, it has a thin rope tied up on a stone. Its unique mechanism functions with 2 simple weights, fixed somehow in order to ring only at exact hours. It was built in 1750, by initiative of Maroutsi family. Wherefrom the Watch placed, it can be heard ringing from all over the city. 


  During the ottoman domination, Ali Pashas as was visiting Paramythia, heard the Watch ringing. When understood that it wasn’t a bell’s sound, decided to have the Watch. As he took the Watch to Ioannina, the people of Paramythia kept the watch’s weights. As without the weights, the clock wouldn’t work, Ali Pashas asked the reason. The wise people of Paramythia answered indicating the Watch, as promised to St. Donatos, would work only standing in the same spot In Paramythia. Than, Ali Pashas decided to give back the Watch





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