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Saint Doantos "Evrias"                                                                                      

Saint Donatos is the protector saint of Paramythia.

He lived during the period when Great Theodosis was Imperor, and was bishop of Evria, one among the 12 cities of Epirus, in the area where today lies Choika. Born around 310 and died in 387. During the first 3 decades of his life, he lived in Vouthroto of Epirus, where was teaching. Few years later, he became bishop of Evria. He was very popular among simple people as his actions were always to help the poor and weak around him. 

For all these virtues, God gave him the gift of miracle-making. He built a temple, with royal money, and decorated it majestically. All his deeds was for the good of people in the area, which trusted him.

Besides Evria, St. Donatos had activities also in Isoreia city, where today lies Glyki, near the spring of Acheron river, and also in Omfalion city, where the story says the gate of Hades was. The spot where the souls of dead people were carried by Charon from Acherousia lake to Nekromanteio.Among the wonders regarding St. Donatos, there was a very long period of aridity, and soon after his prays to God, started raining. Around 360 Great Theodosis daughter suffered from epilepsy, and St. Donatos cured her only by his presence and praying to God. The spring of Acheron river, near Glyki, the story says was cursed and the water couldn’t been drunk, St. Donatos killed a monstrous snake near by, exorcised the evil and the spring water was pure again. St. Donatos brought back to life a dead man, to prove the payment of a loan to an usurer, which was trying to cheat his widow, after his death
.Today, his grace is celebrated on 30th of April, and in Paramythia, where this day is considered holiday, take place a religious procession regarding his icon and remaining relics which are preserved on the Holy Temple of St. Donatos, in the centre of city.


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