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Starting from Paramythia city, crossing Thesprotian villages as Grika, Psaka and Mesobouni, in 25 min we're in Plataria.

Plataria is a coastal village about 15km far from Thesprotian capital, Egoumenitsa. There, you can enjoy the fresh fish and also to try to fish them from the village's docks. 

Continuing to Syvota, or Mourto, we see Kerkyra (Corfu) over the Ionian water. Syvota is particular cosmopolitan area, with new luxurious hotel complexes. The ideal place to enjoy your coffee by the Ionian waters and the particular natural beauty in the area, the perfect atmosphere for relax. Next stop is Perdika community, which is built amphitheatrically, with incredible view and traditional constructions.

Last stop is the magic Parga, very well known. Parga is the most touristic spot in Epirus. Its castle is imposing, its beaches, magic, has a very active night life, cultural events and festivals.
Return to Paramythia passing by Morfi, Karvounari, Kyra Panagia, Xirolofo.



History and ancient civilization
Starting from Paramythia city to Souli, by crossing communities Prodromi and Gardiki

When arriving to the first villages of Souli, we admire the nature's beauty, and by filling the history, we can escape from the daily routine. Souli represent a symbol for the Greek fights against Turkish domination, for their liberty.

Coming down from Souli, we reach Glyki. The Village of Acheron River has ancient findings and constructions. Is a spot suitable for camping for all funs of alternative tourism, as standing by the river and with very active night life.

The Nekromanteio stands over a cave, near by the point where Kokkitos (Mavros) as previous was receiving Pyriflegethonta (Vovo) river, was ending into Acheron's river and creating the Acherousia Lake (today the water dried technically). The ancients believed in this place was passing the souls during their journey to the under kingdom of Hades.
Back to Paramythia with a small stop in Preveza, the town of Karyotaki, the poet. Visit to the castle of Pantocrator and the rustic city's market.



Nature and mountain Thesprotia         

Coming up to the northwest side of the city, we reach the Thesprotian village Eleftherochorio, and continuing to all directions we find the villages Elataria (Lambanitsa), Popovo, Peousi, Pardalitsa.

All groups of villages are surrounded by mountains, trees and during summer, there are fests organized by the villages, with life traditional music, when some Saint was celebrated by churches in these regions. The most famous fest is the one in memorial of Prophet Elias. 

The region has combined optimal the nature and tradition with technology and new age. The most Modern Greek and European highway, the Egnatia highway, crosses the area and connect Thesprotia and Epirus to Macedonia and Thrace. 

Making a small stop in Tyria, we reach Ioannina, the capital of Epirus. 
We enjoy the coffee on the dock, we visit the old city, end we turn back to Paramythia. 



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